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There’s No Debating The Value of This Club

Ever since Dr. Benjamin Spock changed parenting rules from ‘children should be seen, and not heard’ to emphasizing that parents should aspire to nurture their child’s psyche for healthy psychological and sociological growth, homes were becoming child-centered.  As parents elevated children’s “freedom of expression”, children did become more self-confident; they also became more outspoken, defiant and…



Complement Your Lifestyle at The Modern

  When you’re in the market for a new residence in New Jersey, selecting the ideal neighborhood to settle in is critical to your long-term happiness.  That’s because you’re investing in a community as well.  The community you choose should complement your lifestyle, give you more bang for your buck, all in a secure environment.…



Calling All History Buffs!

Looking for something fun and educational to do with the family on Independence Day this year? Why not head over to Ringwood Manor for their annual Declaration of Independence celebration. From the minute you enter the ‘town square’, the buzz from colonial re-enactors, with their activities and live demonstrations, will immediately transport you to the year 1776.…



Are You Ready To Rock N’ Roll?

  Rock and Roll was a form of popular music that evolved from rhythm and blues during 1950’s, and was characterized by the use of electric guitars, a strong rhythm with an accent on the offbeat, and youth-oriented lyrics. The terminology rock-and-roll is credited to a Cleveland disc jockey named Alan Freed, who introduced this…



Cinco de Mayo Will Mesmerize Your Taste Buds With Truly Authentic Mexican Cuisine

  Cinco de Mayo, or the 5th of May, is probably the most confusing holiday celebrated. Many think this holiday refers to Mexico’s Independence Day, which it is not; that holiday falls on September 16th. To some, and we wholeheartedly agree with this thinking, it’s simply a great excuse to eat some great Mexican food…



Oh What a Night – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Arrive at bergenPAC for an Exclusive Engagement

Many great musical talents have origins deeply ensconced in the State of New Jersey. Bruce Springsteen is synonymous with Asbury Park, Bon Jovi proudly hails from Sayerville and, of course, Frank Sinatra put Newark on the map.  Another Frank emerged from Newark, as well – Frankie Valli.  In fact, it is believed that Frankie, at…



BALAM Dance Theatre Returns to Fort Lee

BALAM Dance Theatre, a New York City based ensemble dance company, returns to Fort Lee to debut their newest dance program, Women of Wonder, featuring an eclectic repertoire of Balinese, Spanish, and American modern and fusion pieces. To celebrate Women’s History Month, a diverse program of dance, comedy, and song highlights the extensive talent and…



History of Ferry Boat Journeys Across the Hudson River

When residents of the luxury rental apartments at The Modern in Fort Lee hear the word “ferry,” they automatically think of NY Waterway, which many use for their daily commute from Edgewater into Manhattan. Fort Lee history buffs, however, would pay homage to the pioneering Bourdette family of the Fort Lee/Edgewater area.   In 1758, Stephen…