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If you’re looking to try something new and hip in the area or you’re a regular to the Japanese restaurant/bar scene we have a destination for you. Conveniently located on Main Street in one of Fort Lee’s premier hot spots and a very short stroll from The Modern, Raku Izakaya, is a Japanese-style “Soju Bang” serving comfort food dishes in moderation to enhance your dinning experience.

James Yim and his family conceived Raku Izakaya, which opened several years ago. A Japanese izakaya is a casual drinking lounge that offers an array of small plates and the atmosphere to linger and chat. “Raku” can mean “comfort” in Japanese, and the Yims have redefined this 99-seat Main Street spot so that it certainly reflects that; ultra-modern, romantic city vibe, music, space for larger groups, late hours, dark woods, soft lighting, comfortable booths, diverse sake menu and night scenes of Tokyo.

Both Japanese and Korean dishes are served, as are hand rolls and sushi. The hand and maki rolls are displayed with meticulous craftsmanship – slices are perfectly cut and feature the freshest ingredients. The presentation and temperature of the food is always nothing short of artistic and ideal. Feeling brave? Try the bowl of raw octopus cut into petite pieces and marinated to perfection with spicy wasabi and rice wine vinegar. Additional standouts are the Takoyaki (octopus balls) and the skirt steak with bacon wrapped scallops – you haven’t lived until you try these delicacies. Much of the food is savory and highly seasoned and makes much more sense paired with cocktails. You can easily enjoy a full dinner here with the recent addition of entrees to the menu. Along with its soothing and exhilarating atmosphere, Raku Izakaya excels at the leisurely eat-drink-linger experience. In addition you can expect casual service from a very friendly wait staff that are attentive, always making you feel special and right at home. You’ll receive nothing short of excellent and courteous attention from this cozy bar by the city.

thumb_image29Raku Izakaya

Open Daily 5pm-3am

Kitchen closes at 2am

209 Main Street

Fort Lee, NJ 07024




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