New Jersey Speakers Series Opening Thursday, October 9th


Fairleigh Dickinson University presents the highly anticipated 2014-2015 New Jersey Speaker Series; a “real” live, in person experience of seven different lectures, on seven Thursday evenings at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center opening Thursday, October 9th. Notably distinguished speakers share with the audience their extraordinary adventures and perspectives on a vast scope of topics from world affairs and politics, to history and the environment, to books and authors, to business and economics and the arts. Following each lecture, a spirited question and answer session is avaible for those who wish to engage the speaker.

Every lecture opens with the moderator making several welcoming comments and then introducing the evening’s speaker. The guest speaker then delivers his or her commentary until approximately 9pm. During the lecture, at 8:25pm and again at 8:35pm, ushers quietly walk down the aisles to compile questions from the audience, written on question cards that are available in the evening’s program. When the speaker is finished, the moderator returns to the stage and asks as many of the audience’s questions as possible. The evening concludes at approximately 9:30pm.

It is often the speaker whose views or ideas we don’t agree with, or a speaker who we think we won’t enjoy, who is the speaker that subscribers end up deriving the most enjoyment.  It is often these speakers who challenge our views and opinions and intellectually stimulate subscribers. In addition, while one may not agree with the view of a particular speaker, that is not the issue, the whole perspective of a Speakers Series is to bring to the community distinguished people who are renowned authorities on a particular subject. Moreover, if one does not agree with a speaker, it is a perfect venue to submit a question to the speaker and challenge him or her on their opinion.

In addition, the Speakers Series is a wonderful opportunity to share something informative and inspirational with your high school and college age children. It also provides an opportunity for meaningful dialogue on important issues, such as international affairs, American politics, current events, books and authors with friends and neighbors living in your Bergen County Luxury building.

Join us for a season of heros and legends – you’ll be delighted you did!

New Jersey Speaker Series

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

1  Center Street

Newark, NJ 07102






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