Hawks Over The Hudson – A Rare Viewing of Birds of Prey

1524743_442939529180811_1008009078393461458_nOn Sunday, October 5, State Line Lookout in Alpine, at the Palisades Interstate Park, will host an extraordinary nature event Hawks Over the Hudson from 12 to 4 PM. Even if you’re not a bird-aficionado, this unique program will captivate your interest as you learn to appreciate the beauty of a variety of birds of prey from an up-close vantage point. Moms and Dads might want to use this rare opportunity to acquaint their child with these huge birds as learning tool, with lots of fun thrown in the mix.

Bill Streeter and the Delaware Valley Raptor Center invites you to a special viewing of live birds of prey at 1:00pm, and again at 2:30pm. Here, visitors will have a chance to see these raptors up-close, while chatting with the presenters. Additional activities and exhibits displayed for your enjoyment have been contributed by member organizations of the Nature Program Cooperative, an affiliation of local nature centers and environmental groups in northeastern New Jersey.

If weather permits, the State Line Hawk Watch invites guests to stop by an ongoing “hawk watch” site where, from over 500 feet above the Hudson River, you will learn how experienced observers use a combination of silhouettes and flight patterns to identify wild raptors, such as hawks, eagles, and falcons, as they migrate south. Throughout October and into early November, the State Line Hawk Watch will be a welcoming visitor who wants to learn more about these magnificent birds. Binoculars are suggested to enhance your viewing experience.

Lookout Inn, a refreshment stand at the site, offers lunch and light snacks as well gifts and books, and will be open during the event. Only minutes from your rental apartment in Bergen County, come spend the afternoon exploring our region’s natural side. There is no entrance fee, and advance registration is not required.

Hawks over the Hudson

Sunday, October 5, 2014

State Line Lookout

Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Alpine, NJ

12 – 4pm



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